The UVG has a reputation for being fun, different and attractive to young people. and we regularly consult with our young people to identify additional music making activities to further develop their skills. Currently The UVG offers FREE access to:

Group Singing

Under the expert wing of the UVG’s musical director, Amba Tremain, our singers learn multi part arrangements of contemporary tunes and classic pop songs. Singers are encouraged to find their own voice within the group resulting in a unique, modern sound unlike most traditional choirs.


Sing Safe

We maintain excellent vocal health by training all singers in our ‘sing safe’ program which equips them with a rudimentary knowledge on how to maintain good vocal health and correct technique. The programme is delivered by our Sing Safe tutor Sally Salmon and focusses on Breathing, Range, Voice Type, Warm Ups and Healthy Lifestyle.


The UVG regularly perform across the county at events, festival and concerts.  We are committed to give professional performance opportunities for the whole group and individual singers. The UVG have preformed over 60 times in previous years.


Song Writing

Those who wish to develop their skills have the opportunity to receive professional tuition in composition and this has resulted in several new works being written.


Instrumental Tuition

Small group sessions delivering beginner and intermediate guitar and keyboard skills.



We regularly invite our young singers to record in local studios both as part of the group and as individuals. We also offer tuition in basic home recording software giving our young singers the skills to record their own ideas which can later be developed at UVG sessions.

Artists Development

‘Breaking Through’ is an exciting new programme funded by the Arts Council and developed by The UVG to help nurture and direct up and coming talent and help them break through and take the next steps in their musical careers. It is a platform of activities designed to support our emerging talent through collaboration with established artists and industry professionals, enabling them to write, record, perform and promote their own music. The funding will help us deliver practical activities covering both the creative and commercial aspects of working in the music industry; equipping young artists with the knowledge and experience to set up as professional musicians. One of the main strands of the project involves our young artists being mentored by established singer / songwriters. UVG ARTIST DEVELOPMENT YOU TUBE CHANNEL

Evangeline, a young person who has recently recorded an EP said "Without UVG I don't think any of this could have happened. It was like a domino effect. UVG gave me so much more confidence as a performer and helped me develop my technique and creativity and that's what allowed me to write songs I was confident in. And then UVG sponsoring me in the studio! It's just amazing and it has opened so many doors for me and opened my mind to new ideas and experiences while still within my comfort zone because I'm surrounded by people who support me and who I trust immensely!"

Open Rehearsals

These events open our doors to parents, family members and supporters giving them the chance to observe a UVG session. We also invite a local artists to perform and take part in question and answer sessions with our young people; covering topics on song writing, performing and starting out in the music industry.


Arts Award

The Urban Vocal Group support all young people who are interested in gaining an Arts Award qualification. We currently have 6 young people who have successfully gained a Bronze Arts Award qualification and 1 young person who has completed Bronze and Silver and is currently working towards her Gold Arts Award. If your child attends UVG and would like to know more about Arts Award, please email

Arts Award is an organisation which inspires young people to grow their arts and leadership talents: it’s creative, valuable and accessible. If you would like to know more about Arts Award please visit