UVG 10th Anniversary Show

The Urban Vocal Group (UVG) put on its biggest show to date when they played at Portsmouth Guildhall on Sunday 14th January to celebrate the 10th Anniversary. With over 400 tickets sold and over £3000 raised, the charity couldn’t be more thrilled to promote the talent within the groups. The UVG is a registered charity who have been providing free to access professional tuition and vocals performance, recording and industry training to young people aged 11-18 for 10 years. The show featured over 100 singers, past and present, a live band and the local street dance crew Most Wanted. With video montages being played between songs and a confetti cannon being set off during the finale, the event was packed with memories and amazing voices. Amba Tremain, the Musical Director of The Urban Vocal Group said “Where do I begin, last night I saw a whole years worth of rehearsals come together in possibly my proudest moment as a ‘teacher’ and I honestly don’t know how I’m going to top it. My head is buzzing with happiness but my heart also feels a little heavy saying goodbye to these songs after so long. My singers: Every week the 4 fantastic groups meet. They’ve solidly rehearsed the same bunch of songs to within an inch of their life, and they stuck with it... but bringing them all together like that enables them to take on a completely new sound every time. The blend and mix of voices and harmonies will never fail to blow me away. And seeing so many of them sing with their eyes closed, hands on your heart, as if there is absolutely no one else in the room just gets me every time.”

Due to their achievement with the younger groups, The UVG offer adults the chance to join the experience; weekly sessions (fee paying) are held in Portsmouth and Havant for those 18+. All profits go back into the charity to continue the successful work they provide.

The Urban Vocal Group are extremely proud of their young people and their triumph as individuals and a group. Councillor Suzy Horton (Portsmouth City Council) commented on the performance “Just so humbled to be at this 10 Year Anniversary concert of the Urban Vocal Group tonight - to see the fruition of an idea by 2 people who knew the power of music and singing in enabling young people to gain confidence and skills that would help them in the crazy journey of growing up. I was blown away by the concert itself but absolutely loved the palpable sense of inclusion and diversity; this is proper education for me - relationships, respect and enjoyment, leading to high achievers. Thanks to Charlie Fletcher and Amba Tremain for taking the best bits of themselves and helping thousands of young people on the road to becoming the best version of themselves. An amazing charity that deserves every bit of support”

A UVG10 Audience member said “I was at the UVG concert yesterday and just wanted to publicly say how amazing I thought it was. I may have never met you but genuinely find you truly inspirational as I know how much work must have gone into putting on last night’s extravaganza. I’ve only ever worked with primary age children, teenagers are often much harder to engage for various reasons. I love that you have made singing ‘cool’ and I could see the affection between members of the group from my seat in the audience. I truly believe that music touches the soul - I was moved to tears a couple of times. I was in awe of all the soloists being brave enough to come centre stage but every single member of the group is important. One boy at the front of the stage didn’t get a solo part but every time I looked towards him I could see him really ‘feeling’ the music. It was heart-warming to see. There is no doubt that you change lives by doing what you do. Congratulations for a fantastic evening.”

Please see the photos/ videos below from the event:

"I can't thank you enough for the confidence you have given my boys. I dropped them off shaking with nerves and to see them performing with you all, and wanting to be heard is incredible. Thank you all so much for being so welcoming." - UVG Parent 

"Just congratulations, I adore listening to you guys, every moment I have, you truly rocked the Guildhall, awesome just isn't the words." - UVG Parent 

"Words can't explain how proud I was of you all last night! I can't believe how much you have all grown as singers and you blew the whole audience away!!." - UVG SingSafe Tutor