UVG Radio Show

UVG Radio Show

The UVG has recently secured funding from Youth Social Action to run a young persons led radio show.

We now have a team of 8 enthusiastic committed young people to help run the show which will be aired monthly on Express FM. We have our young people taking on the following roles:

Editor - They will edit the radio show and ensure the time keeping is kept to a good standard, they will also do final checks on the show to ensure there is no inappropriate content.

Researchers - They will be up to date on current affairs and must have good knowledge on the local music scene, chose the content which will be included in the show and to liaise with the producer and presenters.

Presenters - They will be presenting the show so we need someone with charisma, professionalism and must be confident with speaking to an audience.

Marketing Assistant - They will need to design posters, keep social media updated and create videos to help promote the show.

Interviewers - They will need to be friendly, professional and approachable. They will need to be confident when speaking with interviewees. They will need to liaise with the researchers and decide who to interview.