UVG Radio Show

UVG Radio Show

In November 2017 The UVG secured funding from Youth Social Action to run a young persons led radio show.

Express FM supported UVG by providing training, advice and practical experience of running a radio show covering a variety of topics including pre-production, interview techniques, editing and presenting. The first show was aired on May 2018 with subsequent shows in June and July. The next show is scheduled for the end of October

Please click on the following link to see updates, get involved and help spread the word: https://www.facebook.com/LinkedRadio/

We have a team of 6 enthusiastic young people helping to run the show who have taken on the following roles:

Editor - Editing the  show, ensuring that content is appropriate and that timings.

Researchers - Researching content for the show, contributing to scripts and liaising with the producer and presenters.

Presenters - The introductory voice (s) of the broadcast who keep the show flowing. Activities  range from interviewing / introducing features, informing the listeners about local events or creating and controlling conversation.

Marketing Assistant - Designing posters, updating social media and promoting the show.

Interviewers -  Liaising with the researchers and the editor on who to interview and what type of questions to ask. Conducting interviews and operating portable recording equipment .