Adult UVG (AUVG)

In 2014 an adult group was formed to offer progression routes for ex UVG members and to introduce our unique sound to other members of the community. The group is fee paying and all profits made go back into the charity to give more young people free music making opportunities
If you love to sing, want to get back into performing, used to sing but feel like you lack confidence or just want something new to do... AUVG is for you.
Professional singers, semi-pro, amateurs all welcome to this amazing vocal group, who through regular attendance help support an equally amazing cause (keeping music-making free to young people in the Portsmouth area)

Learn how to to sing, harmonise, perform at major events, meet new people, gain new skills, support a great cause and pretty much just FEEL GOOD every week.

Repertoire varies from Pop/Indie to Motown/Soul and everything in between. Opportunity to perform at venues and events across the Southcoast including Portsmouth Guildhall, Victorious Festival and more...

"The past 2 months have been so amazing and I'm so glad I've had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people and to build my confidence so much!"
“It’s like the von Trapp’s only bigger!”
  "I feel privileged to have been accepted into the group. I have had issues to deal with & I can honestly say I really enjoy being a part of the whole setup. I'm doing something (singing in front of people) that I've never before had the confidence to do."
To join please contact or come to a rehearsal and find a member of staff. FIRST SESSION FREE