Amy is a dedicated member of UVG who has been part of UVG for over 3 years. She has taken part in group rehearsals, group and solo performances and is a regularly attends UVG Ambassador/ Jam sessions.

Amy’s responses:

What do you study at school?
English, Maths, Science, RE, Music, History and Art.

What is your favourite performance with UVG?
Victorious Festival.


What are your aspirations i.e. future plans?
To become a producer.

Why is / has the UVG been important to you?
Confidence but mainly new mates and how everyone has come apart of my family.

Do you think UVG is different to other youth choirs and if so why?
Yes, it is because we’re all one big family and we have the most fun and we’re always there for each other.

Other Comments:
It’s good to come to UVG to get new experience and have a good time with everyone.