Top Line Writing

Top lining is essentially writing a vocal part over a pre-made music bed (or beat) and has become an increasingly popular part of the songwriting process over the past few years. Some of the biggest names in music have collaborated on top lines with other huge acts, DJ's and producers and this is also a great way of learning to become a song writer without needing to play an instrument.

Led by UVG's Director of Music Amba Tremain this workshop aims to help you unlock your songwriting potential, learn the disciplines of working to a brief, encourages collaboration and will help you to understand the principals behind some of the biggest hits today.

Workshop will include:

  • Song writing tips and tricks
  • Practical exercises
  • How to create the perfect hook
  • Understanding songwriting terms and vocabulary
  • Writing to a brief

Monday 21st January at Bedhampton Community Centre 7:30 - 9 pm

Cost - FREE