The UVG was approached by a casting company and asked if we had any young singers who would be interested in auditioning for a new TV talent show ‘Little Mix – The Search’. We are regularly approached by these production teams (which speaks volumes about the talent that has come out of UVG over the years) but don't usually volunteer our young singers due to some of the negative press surrounding talent competitions. However, we were offered a private audition with only parents as audience members and thought that was an ideal opportunity for these young singers to step out of their comfort zone with enough familiarity for them to still feel comfortable

One of the young singers chosen Chloe has been with the UVG for 6 years and has always been keen to perform solos but still quite anxious about doing so. Although a competent singer who is comfortable performing solo parts within the group, she was anxious about performing as soloists in front of an unknown audience.  However, she was determined to do the audition and afterward we asked her to reflect on her experiences and also asked music leader Sally Salmon to reflect on the impact it had on Chloe

How did you feel when asked to do the audition?

Honestly I was very nervous, I was thinking do I want to do it? Am I ready? I spoke to my mum about it and she said how much of a big opportunity it was so I tried it.

How did you pick your song?

‘Titanium’ is a song I have done on karaoke many times. It’s muscle memory and I know it without worrying and can just concentrate on breathing.

Preparing for the audition

I first practised the song at UVG with Sally and we worked a lot on how I could calm my nerves when I performed mainly by repetition of the song so that I didn’t have to worry about remembering lyrics or the tune and could concentrate on performing. I practiced over and over again, checking notes making sure I can hit them all and comfortable with them. The more I sang the less nervous I got, I had it down I knew I could sing it.

At the audition

I was kind of nervous, mainly because I got caught in traffic. I didn’t know where I was going 😂 I got there and sat down and calmed down. Charlie said I would be going on earlier, which made me relieved.

The first verse I was a bit shaken, I got on stage and started panicking, When I got to the second verse I caught my breath and tried to slow myself down, and I did it!! In the video you can tell I got more confident as I went on. It was easier as there wasn’t many people I knew there. I felt calmer looking at my mum and brother.

After the audition

Everyone said how well I did. I was so relieved after. I said to mum after I’m really happy I did that, I’m really proud of myself for doing that. I don’t think I would have done the audition if I’d seen it myself. Charlie made it easier for me to be involved

Today, how do you feel about what you did

I’m actually really proud of myself, mum put it online, and I put it on my Instagram, I’ve had loads of people comment about it, It’s the first proper song I’ve done that I’m pretty proud of.

Would you do it again

I think so yes 😊

Did it feel different coming to UVG?

It did, I came in and I started singing with my friends. Normally I talk but would never sing in front of them.

Music Leader Comments (Sally)

I can’t believe the difference in Chloe in just one week, she seems a completely different person. We worked on the song last week and even the difference in the way she holds herself and has spoken to myself and Rya has changed considerably. She seems much more confident, and I am so pleased to hear how proud she is of how hard she has worked. Even down to the fact she has come into the group this evening and shown a completely different attitude to her peers, she is talking and singing with those she wouldn’t have before, only a few weeks ago Chloe would come into the session and sit alone at the back of the room it’s wonderful to see her engaging with others more confidently.

Parents Comments

The UVG has been amazing for Chloe, it's an escape from everyday life, where she can feel a part of something and feel valued. She has enjoyed the weekly sessions as well as the many opportunities that have arisen from singing at festivals to recording in a studio. The 1-1 sessions have filled her with positivity and It's been lovely seeing her blossom and the Little Mix audition gave her confidence a much needed boost!  I cannot praise the UVG enough for there encouragement and support.