Emily has been attending the group for 4 years and is one of our longest serving members. Emily has performed over 10 times with the group and has become a confident singer both as a soloist and in the group. She has also participated in our song writing sessions and is due to go into the studio to record her own composition. She has ambitions to work in music and theatre but is studying a range of subjects at school. Emily also recently achieved a double distinction in Performing Arts.

Emily says…

“The UVG has given me everything I need to do what I want for the future. UVG has given me confidence and many experiences that I would have only dreamt of doing. Also the friends you make are incredible and the people at UVG are like family; everyone gets along! Throughout my 4 years of being in The UVG I have had many brilliant moments but performing with BLAKE was incredible! I want to base my future around singing and theatre and my ambitions are to perform at the West End in shows such as Wicked and Les Miserable. Without The UVG I wouldnt be where I am today and I more than likely not singing but I am so glad I am!”