Hannah has been part of UVG for two years now and has performed many times with the group at venues such as Fratton Road Festival, Victorious Festival and Meridian after Dark.

Hannah says:

I have been a member of UVG for just over 2 years, as I started when I had just turned 12 (having just started senior school). I am looking forward to doing my second Victorious Festival this year (It would have been 3 but I missed my 1st one as I was on holiday) and have done 2 end of year shows. I also have been involved in 2 Fratton Road Festivals, the Southsea Food Festival and Meridian after Dark, as well as singing Christmas carols in Gun Wharf and Old Portsmouth. There have been a few other ones, but who is counting?

 I am in Year 9 and have already started my Options, choosing Music, Drama and Art. Of course, all the usual core subjects too. I belong to the school choir, chamber choir and also have a weekly singing lesson at school. Really proud that I got a Distinction for my Grade 3 Contemporary singing exam recently. I also have Singing (for 4 years) and Guitar (for 2 years) lessons out of school

 I have really enjoyed working on the ‘Never had they ever’ project, and writing and recording my own song, being an all-female project has been inspiring. In the short term, I want to start doing some gigs, open Mic and competitions, I have already auditioned in the past for the Voice Kids in London, Instant star and 2 closed auditions for Britain’s Got Talent (in the Jolly Sailor). I am in the regional final of Teen Star and hopefully will progress further with this. No matter what it is a good experience and builds my confidence and gives me feedback as I grow. After school, I want to work within the music industry, the ultimate goal is to be a singer like Pink, Christina Aguilera, Cher or Adele, but if not then maybe teaching or my own business with all the creative arts. I want to go to ACM Guildford (or somewhere similar) when I finish school and study amongst people like me.

 I have Dyslexia and Irlens, so school is a lot harder for me than others. Music and singing helps me learn, especially with my memory, it gives me something to excel at. I am confident performing and am doing something I truly love and is so important to me personally. I have made a lot of friends at UVG and been able to share it with a few friends too. UVG gives children the opportunity to do for free things that they probably would never do elsewhere. Having the opportunities to do projects like the Women’s Heritage project has been really great, through this I have been learning to write my own songs and the chance to record it in a studio. The chance to sing in a huge choir is so much fun, and singing brings everyone together, it is emotional and beautiful.