Jack has been attending the UVG for 6 months and has already performed in public in a variety places. Jack currently studies Geography, Geology and English literature at chichester college and, although he no longer studies them, he has a love for both music and drama.

Jack says…

“I joined The UVG in march 2015 as I had been told about the group by a family friend. Since joining the group I have performed on several different occasions, the most notable of which was this summer’s bandstand gig. My favourite moment at UVG so far was a rehearsal a few weeks before the bandstand gig. Amba was playing ‘pack up’ by Eliza Doolittle, I was so into it at the end that after Amba turned it off I just kept going.

UVG has become a very important part of my life since I started as it helped to build my confidence, not just when performing but in life generally. I could also never find a better group of friends with the same passion and commitment to singing that I have and if it weren’t for the huge amounts of effort put in by not only us youngsters but all those who help out behind the scenes then UVG could not work effectively to give every young person the same opportunities it has given me.

I am extremely proud to be a member The UVG and hope that I can help spread the joy that the group has given to me and everyone else who attends and comes to see us perform.”