Jordan has been attending the UVG for just over a year and has performed 3 times. He is a keen guitarist in addition to being a singer and works hard to improve his skills on both instruments. His ambition is to work in the music industry either as a performer or teacher and is hoping to study music at Highbury College. As well as taking on solos with The UVG ensemble he has been developing his skills as a singer / songwriter working with the Tutors on new material which we plan to record at a local studio in June

Jordan says…

“The UVG has helped me in every single way possible. I would have been a nervous wreck on stage without them. I’ve learnt so much and the Tutors have helped me realise so much more than I did. I’m really happy to have found something that allows me to improve musically and which also helps my confidence. Nobody judges you at The UVG and I’ve met some great friends since joining. I’m so happy that I found The UVG as it really has made me more than what I was before. Thank you everyone for supporting me”