Kacie has been attending the UVG since November 2021 and has attended over 40 sessions and performed 7 times ate local events

How did you find out about the UVG?

My mum found out from my Auntie

What made you join?

I joined because and I wanted to spend some more time with my cousin

What has been your favourite moment with the UVG?

I don't just have one favourite moment I have lots. I really enjoyed the workshops and also performing at all the gigs especially Victorious Festival.

What are your ambitions for the future (musical or non-musical)?

I want to be able to have the courage to sing a solo

Is the UVG Important to you and if so why?

Yes because I love singing with everyone and doing gigs. I have made lots of friends and I have grown in courage.

Do you think that the UVG is different to other youth vocal groups?

UVG is the only youth choir that I've been in but I feel that it's different because we all have a lot of fun and everyone gets a chance to shine.

Any other comments?

When I started UVG I was very shy and quiet and would only go if my sister or cousin was going. Now I see how much UVG has helped my confidence. I'm not as quiet and love coming every week even without my cousin. I have lots of friends and the music leaders are really nice. It's my favourite day of the week.