Keelie has been a member of The UVG for almost 3 years. She has taken part in over 100 weekly rehearsals as well as performing at venues abd events including Victorious Festiva and Portsmouth Guildhall.

Keelie says:

I have been a UVG member for nearly 3 years, I joined in August 2016 shortly after my 11th birthday. I’ve taken part in so many performances with UVG that I’ve actually lost count, my favourite performances have to be Victorious 2017 & UVG 10 but if I really thought about it, there would be so many more.

I’m studying all the usual subjects in school, but have just started my GCSE courses, I’m taking Music, Drama, Woodtech & Spanish. I haven’t decided yet, what I’d like to do with my music, but I love to sing, so can’t see me giving it up… I think I’d quite like to start gigging solo at some point. When I leave school I’d like to train to be a paramedic.

My favourite moments with UVG were recording the last EP, it was my first time in the studio & was an brilliant experience, the other has to be performing a solo on stage with my Mum who attends the adult group.

UVG has helped massively with my confidence & has been a fantastic outlet and safe place away from school where I am being bullied. I’ve met friends of all ages & we are all equals & I’ve been able to take part in & experience things I never would have been able to before.

UVG is different to normal choirs, we don’t do hymns for a start. It’s nice to sing up to date chart music and all have an input into what we’d like to learn & perform.