Leah is a member of UVG Havant group and has been for over a year now. Along with studying Music and other subjects at school, Leah is a dedicated member of the group. Since joining, she has performed multiple times at established music venues in the South, such as The Wedgwood Rooms. Leah aspires many things for her future, once she leaves school she is looking to apply for a performing arts school and then train to be a performer.

Leah says…

“My favourite moment of UVG is when you perform because you have an amazing build up of rehearsals which in themselves are fun, then it comes to performing and you can just enjoy what you are doing and remember all the effort you put into it, its just a really lovely moment when you work so hard for something then you finally get to show an audience what you can do when you have that passion and dedication for something.

I want to just perform in general its what makes me who I am! UVG has been important to me because its really given me that confidence that I need when it comes to my voice, its also helped me to realise that actually, there are people who do think I can sing and that I am capable of anything. I am not really one for people, I can sometimes feel anxious, so being able to relax and do something I love without being uneasy just makes me so happy.

UVG is so incredibly different to other youth choirs because Amba can pull out any song and work with us to make it sound stunning and so original, not many youth choirs do a range of songs they tend to stick to one category but UVG just has such a wide range!”