Livi had been a member of UVG for two years always a strong ensemble member she has developed in confidence and began to take on solo’s including several parts at a recent gig at The Wedgewood Rooms. She is passionate about singing and has ambitons to work in the music business. A keen student she has also been learning the guitar and has plans to learn the keyboard.

Livi says…

“I have done 4 or 5 gigs so far and we have another two to come this month! At college I am currently studying music performance which I am enjoying as I am now in a band which is a whole new experience for me. My favourite moment so far at UVG was doing my solos at the Wedgewood Rooms as it is such a valued venue and I feel privileged to perform there. Plans for my future are to study music at University and have some sort of career based around music although I am realising their are such a variety of jobs relating to music that I haven’t found exactly what I want to do yet. My dream would be to be a successful singer. The UVG has helped me to make some great friends and has built up my confidence massively and I have loved being part of such a great vocal group.”