Macauly has been a member of The UVG for almost 2 years. Initially quite shy when he joined the group, he is now a confident performer who continues to push himself in order to achieve his goals. He has gained respect amongst his peers and leads by example at rehearsals.
Macauly has just finished secondary school where he studied music, media and graphics. He plans to study media at Highbury College and has ambitions to work in the world of advertising. Whilst at school he was involved in several performing arts productions and he hopes to join a theatre group where he can continue to be involved.

Macauly says…

“My favourite moment with The UVG was taking a more front/solo role at the Wedgewood Rooms. Rather than stand at the back and feel safe, it pushed me to do something I wouldn’t normally do and I really enjoyed it. UVG has been important to me as it has given me confidence in myself to do better things. I managed a solo that went terribly wrong at school but carried on because I knew I could beat my stage fright. I have also been putting myself forward for more things that I wouldn’t do like applying for head boy and getting it. I have made some really good friends at UVG. Some are quiet, loud and even crazy but that’s what makes people stand out. We are encouraged to be ourselves rather than to blend in with everyone else – be yourself as everyone else is taken! This gives us individuality and an identity. UVG has definitely given me new experiences such as performing for people I don’t even know and the odd celebrity here and there – something that you don’t get at any school or choir groups (who else get to sing in front of royalty?) Without the support of Amba, Sally and Charlie we would be nothing. UVG is like one big, cheesy, crazy family and it’s the highlight to my week. When I leave at 7:15 I can’t wait till the next week and I will continue to go to UVG for as long as I can.”