Maisie is a dedicated member of UVG who has been part of UVG for around a year. She has taken part in group rehearsals, group performances who has performed at Fratton Road Festival and other venues in Portsmouth.

Maisie says:
I have been a member of UVG since Feb 2018, so nearly a whole year now and within that year I’ve done at least 5 performances, nevertheless I have loved all the opportunities I have been given to perform.

I am studying English Literature, Media Studies and Photography A Levels at Portsmouth College, but still love music outside of it, I want to go into a creative career, perhaps including journalism. A goal of mine is to better my guitar playing and to learn to read music.

My favourite moments of UVG are the random sing a longs because everyone gets a chance to join in. UVG has allowed me to have new experiences and gain self-confidence.

I think that UVG is different to other choirs because it is an opportunity for anybody to join in because it very inclusive and family like.