Mark 2017

Mark has been attending the UVG for 10 months and has performed 6 times with the group at various events including Portsmouth Summer Show and our 6th annual concert at The Pyramids Centre. Mark is currently studying for his GCSEs including Spanish, Interactive Media, music and History. He is also a keen pianist and plays at school events regularly.

Mark says…

” when I first joined, the atmosphere within the group was incredible and I felt so welcomed by everyone. My favourites moments with UVG so when we are performing because I have a passion to sing and perform for people and UVG makes that dream come true! Within the group, I am given the opportunity to sing and put myself across to a live audience which is a true experience. 

I think UVG is different to other youth choirs because it’s so fun and built up with so many different characters that don’t necessarily have music experience but love to sing! UVG helps many young people do what they love to do for FREE!

The UVG is important to me because it offers me the chance to do what I love to do with people who treat me like family. It is also important to me as it has opened me up to a new group of people who I have become really good friends with!

My aspirations for the future is to become a professional singer/ musician”