Mollie is 15 years old and has always had a passion for singing. She has been a member of The UVG for almost 5 years in which time she has performed at local and regional music venues, theaters and radio stations. She has had the opportunity to record as a soloist and as part of a large ensemble. She is a passionate and dedicated performer, and her goal is to become a recording artist.  In March 2011 Mollie was a finalist in the Open Mic UK competition and had the opportunity to perform at the O2.


Mollie says…

“I joined UVG 4 years ago , and it was the best thing I ever did! I’ve made so many new close friendships, including all the tutors there. I have learnt so much including supporting my vocals whilst I’m singing, how to use my diaphragm and what it actually is! Why I need to support and what happens if I don’t, and much much more!  My confidence has been boosted massively, and I have done many gigs which have  been very successful due to the help of Sally, Amba and Charlie. I will never quit UVG! And I hope it keeps running for years to come.”