Sam has been attending the UVG for 6 months and but has already performed in public and taken part in our artist development activities. Sam is a keen singer and songwriter who has already written several compositions.

Sam says…

“I joined UVG in February 2015 just after my eleventh birthday, as I had met Charlie the previous summer after winning ‘Leigh Park’s got Talent’. Since joining I have performed with UVG on 4 occasions, I have recorded with UVG in the Recording Studio and have been invited to a Song Writing Master Class.

My favourite subjects in school are Music, Drama, Maths and English and I am looking forward to joining a new school in September. My favourite moment with UVG to date is when we performed at The Bandstand because it was the biggest gig I had been to and I got to perform one of my owns songs.I would love to play all around the world but especially I would love to sell out Madison Square Gardens!

UVG is very important to me as it as helped me to improve my singing, helped my confidence, meet other great singers and artists and to gain lots of new experiences. I think UVG is different because its not just a group of people singing; its a charity who gives us the opportunity to build on our strengths, we are a group of people who like to sing, who support one another and have a friendly connection.

I feel proud to be part of The UVG and I hope that one day I can give something back so that other young people will also be given the opportunities that have been given to me.”