Caitlin joined The UVG in September 2014 and was one of the first to attend the first sessions of our Portsmouth group. Although a member for only 3 months she has already performed with UVG at two major venues in Portsmouth including a solo part at our annual Wedgewood Concert. Her enthusiasm for the group is boundless so much so that she has begun attending the Havant group!

Caitlin Says…

“I have done 2 performances with the UVG , one at the Guildhall and the second at the Wedgwood Rooms. My favourite moments with the UVG has been attending all the Portsmouth sessions (and a few Monday ones I’ve been too have been great too !) and meeting new people and making new friends and definitely performing with that amount of people!

UVG is important to me because in the past I haven’t had many friends but now I have so many new friends and I’m just happier and my confidence has grown so much because of the family -like group the UVG is! I have been to other choirs but the UVG is so much better than all of them put together; it’s like all of us have known each other for ages it is like my second family! I always felt uncomfortable being myself in other choirs that I’ve been in but I know I can be myself in UVG because I know they accept everyone! The UVG is definitely better than all other choirs and I’m sure everyone would say that!”