Evie has been attending the UVG for just under 2 years and in that time has blossomed as solisit and strong ensemble singer. She enjoys both singing and acting and has taken part in school performances in addition to singing with UVG.

Evie Says…

” One of my favourite moments at UVG was at our first open mic session because I got to show everyone what I could do and I love singing in front of an audience even though at first I get nervous, when I start singing I just have so much fun!

My aspirations in life have two different roads, one, I want to be a vet because I love animals and it’s something that im very interested in. I would also love to go down the acting/singing path and its really hard for me to choose between them. My parents encourage both sides but I want to become a vet and do the singing and acting as a hobby, but if that takes off, then I would put the science on hold and fulfil my other dream.

UVG is important to me because it has helped me become more experienced and confident and my love for singing has really been encouraged not just through my family but from one of my best friends Aya who also attends UVG. When I was younger I was terrified of singing in front of people but she would get up in front of the class and sing and I admired her for that. She has inspired me and made me so much more confident in myself. She also introduced me to the UVG by taking me along to one of the sessions where I had a lot of fun and met some really talented people.

UVG is definitely different to other choirs because its much more fun, everyone wants to be there and I remember on my first day as soon as everybody sang I immediately thought to myself “WOW, these people are amazing!” and the open mic sessions are really fun too.”