Case Studies

We regularly feature a spotlight on one of our members, asking them to tell us something about themselves and their experience with The UVG.

You can also find out what other members have been saying about us over the years here

Maisie is a dedicated member of UVG who has been part of UVG for around a year. She has taken part in group rehearsals, group performances who has performed at Fratton Road Festival and other venues in Portsmouth.

Maisie says:
I have been a member of UVG since Feb 2018, so nearly a whole year now and within that year I've done at least 5 performances, nevertheless I have loved all the opportunities I have been given to perform.

I am studying English Literature, Media Studies and Photography A Levels at Portsmouth College, but still love music outside of it, I want to go into a creative career, perhaps including journalism. A goal of mine is to better my guitar playing and to learn to read music.

My favourite moments of UVG are the random sing a longs because everyone gets a chance to join in. UVG has allowed me to have new experiences and gain self-confidence.

I think that UVG is different to other choirs because it is an opportunity for anybody to join in because it very inclusive and family like.