"I feel like UVG has almost become my second family even though I have not been attending for a very long time. I started UVG middle January 2016.

It and everyone there is so friendly and we all bond so well with each other especially because we all love music. I have made lots of new friends at UVG which I connect really well with. I have found it a great place to go and take your mind off things and just fun but at the same time learn new things. I have performed at places such as victorious which I would never have thought I would ever perform at which I am very grateful to have done. I have also performed at the Wedgewood Rooms, which I really loved as its one of the main big places to perform in Portsmouth and other places such The summer show and Guildhall.

I’m just starting my first year at college where I will be taking Music Performance, Geography and Travel and Tourism. I sing myself and do lots of gigs at various venues so would hope to carry this on in the future and hopefully make something off it, and link this is with the Geography and travel and tourism by traveling while singing

I feel like UVG is different to other youth choirs because its feels less serious and school like because of my friends there and yet I still learn different things."