Sabrina has been part of UVG for two years now and has performed over 20 times with the group at venues such as the Guildhall and The New Theatre Royal. Sabrina is a year 7 pupil and is currently learning to play acoustic guitar.

Sabrina says:

I have been attending the UVG group for two years now and it has been an amazing experience so far! I have done between 20-30 gigs with the group and my favourite has to be The Victorious Festival last year because it so nice to see loads of people watching and supporting us… it was also so much fun to sing with all my friends.

I am only year 7 at school but my favourite subjects are Maths, English and of course Music! I enjoy these because I have learnt so much from them topics and I enjoy learning about them. My favourite memories from UVG are the weekly sessions/rehearsals because I get to catch up with my friends and singing the songs I love with people I like to be around. When I’m older I would like to work in Media because I enjoy watching films and I like seeing what Media can produce.

UVG has definitely given me more confidence as I only used to really sing in my bedroom or in my junior school choir. I have met new friends at UVG which made me realize that I could make friends outside school.  I think the thing that makes UVG different to normal singing groups/choirs is that we get so many cool and exciting opportunities like recording and performing at music festivals! UVG are like my second family and I plan to stay part of it for as long as I possibly can!