Tianna has been attending the UVG since March 2022 and has since performed 5 times at events including, Pride, Victorious Festival and Portsmouth Guildhall Studio where she performed her first solo (Tianna speaks about her experience performing for the first time)

How did you find out about the UVG?

My friend told me about it since she had been doing it for a few weeks and we both had a passion for singing.

What made you join?

Well, as mentioned I have loved singing since the age of 2. My mum said ever since I could talk I was singing because its a way of expressing yourself.

What has been your favourite moment with the UVG?

My favourite moment was when I did my first ever gig and first saw the love that the UVG family have for one another.

Is the UVG Important to you?

Of Course! The UVG has brought out a brighter more confident me because everyone is welcome and never without a friend 🙂

Do you think that the UVG is different to other youth vocal groups?

Yes, the UVG is fun and you never feel forced to do anything or pressured to sing. In the UVG everyone has a place and there never goes a day that I feel unwanted or ever want to skip! I am so thankful for the UVG. It has brought me so much confidence ands self pride.