UVG Artist profile – Honor

The UVG are pleased to announce the second release from one of it’s young singers. ‘Ghostown’ was written by Honor who has been attending the UVG for 3 years and she was delighted to have the opportunity to experience the process from original demo to recording in a professional studio and finally producing a promo video.

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Who are you?
I’m Honor and I’m 16

How would you describe yourself?
 A “unique” free spirit

Who are your musical inspirations?
Halsey and Bring Me The Horizon

Where did you write your song?
On my bed at 2am eating toast

What’s it about?
It’s about an obviously toxic relationship breaking down, but not being sure if it’s the right choice or that you’re ready to leave it behind, and reflecting on the changes

Can you explain the journey from demo to recording to video?
I recorded the demo in my room on my phone and sent it off. A few weeks later I’m in the studio, I recorded the guitar I wrote as a rough base but the producer and I changed it around a bit and made it sound more structured. When I first heard it a few weeks later, i was honestly in shock. My song that I had written in my room sounded like a real song and I just didn’t expect for it to sound that professional. The week later I recorded the video which at first was a bit strange, but quite possibly the funniest experience.

How did you find the experience of recording?
I found it like a dream honestly. That day I felt like the person I’ve been dreaming of being since I was a child, so obviously it was strange but I enjoyed every second.

Did the song turn out the way you expected?
Not at all, but in a positive way, it sounds like an actual song, not something I wrote!

Are you happy with the final product?
Happy doesn’t even begin to cover how I feel about it.

What did you enjoy the most?
The whole experience as a whole has been amazing, so I obviously couldn’t pick a favourite. The best thing has been how it has made me feel like what I’ve wanted my whole life is definitely a real thing and could potentially happen in the future, and it is an amazing life experience that I will keep for the rest of my life, regardless of what the future holds


How long have you been attending UVG?
Since 2013

How has UVG helped you on your journey to become a musician?
it’s made me a lot more motivated, and kept my passion and want for a good career in music fuelled. Also it’s taught me many skills and helped me develop my own sound, which I hope is showed in Ghostown

What’s next for you?
Hopefully my song is appreciated and I can use it to grow as a musician, All I know is I want to go up!