Video to video tutorials (e.g. Zoom)

  • conducted in accordance with the UVG remote working policy to ensure a safe learning environment
  • used for safeguarding and evaluation purposes only
  • recorded and archived by UVG in a password protected folder
  • available to parent/guardian upon request
  • retained for a minimum of 3 months from the end of the project

WhatsApp/Facebook messenger

  • will be used to
    • arrange session dates and times with the mentee
    • share content and media relevant to the programme
  • content and media may be used for evaluation purposes

Images and recorded video

  • May be used in publications and media produced by UVG, its partners and funders for promotional purposes
  • May be used on UVG, its partners and funders website and social media
  • Will be removed on request from the young person or their parent
  • Will not include details or full names (which means first name and surname together) of any person in an image on UVG’s website, on video, or in printed publications, without good reason and further permission from parent/guardian
  • Will not include personal e-mail addresses, postal addresses, social media handles or telephone numbers on video, on UVG’s website or in printed publications


  • Parents will be informed in advance, the date/time of zoom sessions between their child and the music mentor
  • UVG will also receive a weekly contact log detailing communication between mentor and mentee