These guidelines define the measures that should be taken when delivering or preparing remote learning sessions. The aim is to ensure the safeguarding of everyone involved.


Pre-Record video – Audience can post comments and questions

Live streaming video – allows the audience to post comments and reactions during a live feed

Video to video streaming – Multiple parties can be seen and heard in the conversation as if they were in the same room.

Participant(s) – individual(s) participating in the session

Music Leader(s) – teacher, tutor, mentor

All remote mentoring sessions will be recorded and sent to info@theuvg.co.uk where they will be archived in a secure folder. Once UVG confirm receipt of the recording it will be deleted from the mentor’s computer. Recordings will be retained for a maximum of 3 months from the end of the project and will be available to the parent/guardian upon request. We recommend using either WeTransfer.com / Dropbox / Google Drive / Onedrive etc. to send your videos.

General guidance for using video

Dress professionally and deliver your session against a neutral a background i.e. no personal items behind or around you.

Do not use profanities (mind your language!)

Use language appropriate to the audience’s level of knowledge e.g. avoid overly technical terms if they are not required

Do not allow others to be seen or heard during the stream unless it is part of the session and has been pre-arranged.

Participants should be made aware of any individual(s) who are in the teaching space but are out of view.

Ensure that everyone in the home/setting is aware that streaming is taking place and that they treat the space accordingly.

Ensure any comments are moderated and if deemed inappropriate deleted immediately. FB have added a ‘Quiet Mode’ to Live videos which allows comments and reactions to be turned off.

Additional guidance for video to video streaming

Under no circumstances should music leaders be taking part in video to video calls without the express permission of a parent or guardian given to The UVG.

Parent/Guardian to be informed of the date/time of video call prior to the session

At the start of the video call please confirm with the young person that they have informed their parent/s they are on the call

All participants should have an appropriate background on their computer

The young person’s computer should face an exit (e.g. door, open plan space)

Participants should be dressed appropriately

Participants should be advised that any use of inappropriate language will result in the session being terminated.

Music leaders should feel confident about stopping sessions if they feel the setting/attire does not meet expectations. Similarly, parents/carers and participants should be advised that the session can be stopped at their request at any time.

Music leaders should be mindful of what is visible in the participants background as well as their own.

16th November 2020