Abigael and Amelia

Amelia and Abigael

Amelia and Abigael joined UVG together and were two of the first young singers from Portsmouth schools to join. since then they have become confident singers both within the group and as soloists. Their hard work and committment has resulted in them being been given the opportunity to travel to Germany with their school on a culture trip attended by other students from across europe and have both been asked to sing with at a gala evening performance.

Amelia says…

” I have been a member of UVG for two and abit year now and have been to many performances like the Wedgewood rooms, Blake, New Theatre Royal and loads more. At school i’m studying music and we do a range of styles and era’s throughout music. My favourite moments have definatly been the big stage moments especially Blake and Wedgewood rooms. In the future I would love to carry on with music even if it is just as a hobby. UVG has made me more confident with my singing, performing and putting myself out there and I have made many friends. Also my Monday nights are definitely more exciting.”

Abigael says…

” I have done loads of performances including 3 times at the wedge (I think!) At school I am currently studying music and am in the same class as Amelia, we do different genres, from classical to rock and pop. My favourite moment is definitely at rehearsals because everyone is so friendly and talkative but when we do need to practice we sound AMAZING. Before I joined UVG I would barely even get up on stage or talk to new people, my self confidence level have grown so much. In the future I am defiantly going to carry on music even if it is just a hobby. I’ve made some good friends at UVG and wish to make more.”

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